• Coastal Creations

    Coastal Creations (19)

    Coastal Creations is a passionate endeavor that brings the tranquility and beauty of coastal environments to life through exquisite artwork. With a deep appreciation for the oceans and shorelines, Artist Mark Ford, meticulously crafts each piece to capture the essence of coastal living.
  • Florida Wildlife

    Florida Wildlife (19)

    Florida's wildlife is a diverse and captivating array of species that thrive in the state's unique blend of ecosystems, from lush wetlands to sandy beaches. This dynamic range of habitats has given rise to a rich tapestry of creatures that call Florida home. As a Florida resident and painter, Mark Ford captures the essence of the Sunshine State's vibrant landscapes…
  • Keya and Friends

    Keya and Friends (2)

    Ocean and marine wildlife are a fascinating group of animals that have adapted to life in the sea. From sea turtles to dolphins to manatee, these magnificent creatures capture the hearts of conservationists and ocean enthusiasts. With the world's oceans facing numerous challenges – from plastic pollution to overfishing and climate change – the need to preserve and restore these…
  • Marine Fish

    Marine Fish (9)

    Diving into the depths of the ocean reveals a mesmerizing world of marine fish, where a vast array of colors, shapes, and behaviors come together in a stunning display of biodiversity. These aquatic inhabitants play an integral role in the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, adapting to the challenges and beauty of underwater life.
  • Ocean Birds

    Ocean Birds (7)

    With their ability to cover vast distances and their remarkable adaptations, ocean birds hold a special place in the complex web of marine ecosystems. Artist, Mark Ford, captures the essence of their dynamic flight, and the beauty of their oceanic habitats.